Zimvesta Fertility & Tubal Reversal Clinic specializes in tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Terrance Heinz with his years of experience in this field, can guide women and evaluate if they can use this fertility restoration method. Dr. Terrance Heinz performs the tubal reversal procedure using the latest technique. The entire responsibility of repairing the fallopian tubes is done with the help of a robotic arm. The tubal reversal surgery at Zimvesta is a minimally invasive procedure. The time for completing the operation takes a bit longer in comparison to the conventional tubal surgery methods. But the recovery period is very quick for the patients. There are many good tubal ligation reversal centers to choose from.

Patients, who have undergone the tubal reversal surgery at the Zimvesta Fertility & Tubal Reversal Clinic, can expect to get the same day discharge. Since the incisions are tiny, the patient does not need to deal with considerable pain. After the surgery, Dr. Terrance Heinz states the guidelines to the patient. The success rate of the tubal reversal surgery in our clinic has been phenomenal. Couples can seek an appointment with our tubal reversal surgery specialist to understand if they deserve to be the ideal candidates for the tubal reversal surgery. For an accurate diagnosis, women seeking this surgical procedure should bring the operative report of their tubal ligation.